Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Start the Celebrating

Crochet8 I love this month.  There is so much to look forward to and to do. Last night we put up the Christmas Tree and started decorating the house.  It just puts you in the spirit when those Christmas lights are glowing…. now we just need a bit of snow to make it really feel like Christmas. Maybe that’s why one of my favorite movies is White Christmas. 

Last year I saw a great idea on the crafty crow about doing a book countdown till Christmas. You can read about it here. I loved the idea and decided that I would get ready so we could do it this year. I’ve gathered books from Thrift Stores, the Scholastic Book orders, and anywhere else I can run across a good Christmas Book.  There are a few that I would still really like, but figure I’ll gather them through time.  I used her list as a guide, but created my own based on books I could find. Today we started with a cute basic Santa Claus one… and then wrote our Christmas lists and pictures to send to Santa.  I sure don’t know what Santa is going to bring because these lists completely change from day to day. Maybe that’s a sign they don’t need anything.  Tomorrow is a book on snow and making snowflakes to hang from our ceilings…. I’m looking forward to it even if they aren’t. :)  It could easily be scaled back for just the 12 days of Christmas instead of the full 24. 

Crochet6 I liked this view from where I was sitting and it gives you a hint of what else we were up to yesterday.


Thanksgiving was filled with fun and cousins.  Well they were having so much fun that in the process one of them accidently landed on Mirian’s Leg. She cried and for the next couple of days didn’t want to stand, move it or touch it. Pretty sensitive. She started doing better and would attempt to walk on it but just couldn’t get too far. So after a few days we decided it was best to just go get it checked.  The result? A compression fracture right below her knee. She was one tough cookie while the doctor pushed, pressed, jarred and tried to figure out what was going on.  I’m not sure they thought it was really broken since she just looked at them and flinched occasionally. 


She now gets to race around in this cast with the color of her choice. Pink. What other option is there?  She was doing good until last night when she had to go to bed. Then she FLIPPED out.  She had an itch and couldn’t get to it. Yelling and crying that she wanted it off, NOW! She didn’t want to sleep in it, and didn’t want to wear it anymore. TAKE IT OFF.  Sorry kiddo you’ve got a whole month with it. She kept trying to push it off with her other leg, and tried to unwrap the plaster.  Tired and not comfortable. Poor girl.  She’s reacting and doing pretty good with it though. Her leg was hurting her today, but she was basically up and around all day on it. The first in about 4 days.  So I think that was expected.  crochet5 It was bound to happen. This girl runs into things way too much and finds herself getting hurt all the time.  I knew should would not make it through childhood with out a few broken bones.  Here is the first one.


Kellie DeMille said...

Oh that is so sad! Poor girl! I know casts are in our future with my crazy two, what a bummer to have it on all December!

Spencer and Kimberly said...

Poor Mirian! That sounds miserable. I have to say she is such a pretty girl! I like your book idea! Sounds like fun!