Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Amazing Magical Bag

A few years ago gave sister gave my mom, sisters and I all matching red bags with this poem she wrote. After seeing all your responses of being ‘bag ladies’ too she told me I could share it with you.

The Amazing Magical Bag

A bag is an amazing thing

In all colors shapes and sizes,

But it doesn’t matter so much as how it looks,

But on what you put inside them.

Take Mary Poppins for example,

With her magical bag in tow,

There’s a woman who knew how to pack

And the power one bag can hold.

For a woman needs so many things

To go from place to place,

Men can get by with one little wallet,

But for a woman, that’s just not enough space!

Sure a wallet can hold a drivers license

And perhaps a picture or two,

But where do you put the bills to be mailed,

And the movies and books that are due?

For a woman needs a place for her chapstick,


issues, and comb, just to start

Her cell phone, planner, and address book,

Traveling with a woman is not for the faint of heart!

What if you’re a mom, just like a boy scout,

whose motto is “be prepared” before you go out?

How is a small slot in a wallet going to hold:

The extra diapers, and a change of clothes,

The wet wipes, the bottle, the toys and the snacks,

To prevent unsightly tantrum attacks?

Why one pocket on my backside,

Would have to be a mile wide!

And I’m sorry that just won’t do,

I still have my appearance

And dignity to fret about too!

(Not to mention I need to sit in the car-

To get to that someplace near or far!)

And what about meetings, and the doctor’s

And all the places I’ll have to wait?

At the dentist, the hairdresser’s, or for

The husband or friend who is always late?

Where will I fit my new book?

Or my current project in the works?

Somewhere in slot 53?

Between my insurance card and photo ID?

No it’s just not going to happen.

It can’t realistically be done.

So men can keep their wallets, but I for one

Prefer a bag, the amazing and magical bag,

No woman should leave home without one!

Cortney Astle Delgado

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