Thursday, May 14, 2009

Perfect Date

For mother's day I only had one request for my husband. A date with him to Salt Lake City to see the international art competition winners. This is my favorite exhibit to see, and it is only every 3 years. I live for this competition. We still had Jeff's motor bike because it keeps raining every time he declares that he's going to pick it up. Our last two dates where we wanted to take it all fell through to rain too. So the perfect date? Leave all the kids here, a road trip on the bike to SLC, view the exhibit which takes a couple of hours, and then maybe get something sweet and chocolaty to wrap it up before we return back to parenthood. That was my mother's day request, with the stipulation that he had to arrange it all. Babysitter and everything. I just wanted him to pick me up and we go.

We've been looking forward to this for the whole week. We got everything ready, the babysitters were almost here when we found the bike key missing from the key chain. Now my husband is a very mild tempered man. It takes quite a bit to get him upset. Really upset. The one thing that can do it to him though is when some children of ours, gets in his stuff, important stuff, hauls it off and he can't find it for the life of him.... that's when he has to remember to breathe, talk calmly, and calm down the rising emotions. You can especially imagine how upset he was when the key was missing. Here he was looking forward to the bike ride and it's no where to be found.

We finally decided to just take the car to our great disappointment... but that's ok, we were still going to go and have a great time. We got up to SLC and headed to the museum. Started looking around and realized that it wasn't being shown in the museum. When we asked where it was they informed us it was being shown at the conference center, which closed at 7:00. What time was it then 7:10. We had missed it. Bummer. Big bummer. So we tried to determine what else to do for the night. We called up to seen when the 3D movie was showing at the IMAX in the planetarium which was just a few blocks a way. 7:30. Great, we could make it. We booked it just in time to find the sign in the front of the door saying that it was closed for tonight, and tonight only for a special event. Another bummer. We walked around the gateway for a bit, thought about sharing a blonde brownie, but didn't want to spend money on something that we weren't totally hungry for or could really enjoy. So we figured we'd just head home and relax at home, and pick up some pretzel bites on the way. We barely made the pretzel bites by 3 minutes before it closed. What a night.

Who knows when we'll get to attempt it again, it's not the easiest finding babysitters that want to hang out all night and put kids to bed. I'm having high hopes though for sometime here in the future before the exhibit is done.

So even though my perfect date which Beau put all together fell through... I still LOVE you honey and know that you really tried, and hey I still got to spend the whole evening with you. Which is what I really wanted anyway. :)

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Tippetts Family said...

Life is such a kick in the pants! I love your attitude though, I would have been a certified grump! I learn a lot from you!