Thursday, July 10, 2008

I just saved myself $300!

Happy Day!
My hair has been getting to one of those stages of being bushy and sticking out in weird spots. It was definitely time for a haircut. We were also going to be taking family pictures at my family reunion in Wyoming this weekend, and I could not get a picture looking like this.

So I called up the girl that's been cutting my hair for about 6 months and got the horrifying news any woman hates to get... "she just had surgery on her hand and won't be back for 6 weeks." What?! Could she make an appointment with someone else? No... not right now. What was I going to do. I get way too nervous about people cutting my hair, I know they've all been trained but there are some that just don't quite get it though and it makes me extremely nervous. Especially since my hair is already short, and can't get a whole lot shorter. If they mess it up the only other option I have is to buzz it.

So for the last week I've been stewing about it. Do I just go to someone else, I can't wait 6 weeks, it'll look horrible. Maybe I should just cut it myself, for some reason that one doesn't scare me as bad as having someone else cut it. It's that visual, and artist part of me. My head is just another sculpture. I know what I want, and visually I just have to cut here and there to get it that way right? I actually ended up cutting my own hair for the year I lived in Vegas right before I met Beau. I went and had someone else cut it, and they slaughtered it, so I had to go home and try to fix it. I didn't do too bad and so figured I could do it from there on out, and I did.

In fact right before our wedding, I needed another haircut, but I was in a different apartment that didn't have mirrors where I could see all sides, so I got Beau to cut it for me. It's the biggest day of my life and I give Beau the scissors. He didn't do too bad for his first hair cut! After we were first married he cut it a couple of times and then I let it grow out, and after that he refused saying it stressed him out way too much. Well here we were this week... my hairdresser unavailable. It's been 6 years since I've cut it myself. But the cheapskate part of me really wants to just cut it myself and save that $25. So I bought a razor to thin and even it out, and after a family night of haircuts and trims for all, I attacked my own hair. The result? Not too bad of a job! Even Beau agreed. So I'm all pumped, it looks good and now I'm saving myself $300 dollars this year just in hair cuts for me! Do you know how much that will be in a lifetime? A lot! Happy Day for me!

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Elise said...

I totally know how you feel about having someone other than your normal hairstylist cut your hair. It freaks me out too. I'm already worried about what I am going to do when I move to Texas and have to find someone else to do my hair :) I'm not as brave as you though, I can color my own hair but not do the whole cut...even though I usually come home and trim and texturize a little more after my stylist cuts my hair, but I think I would probably massacre my hair if I tried to cut the entire thing.