Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I am in love!

Ok maybe with this little boy, but I'm more in love with 4x6 layouts. Scrapgirls just introduced a new product called 4x6 zoom pages. Kits that are already precut, ready for you to throw together in a quick mini layout. What I love...THEY ARE QUICK! I've always felt guilty that I create layouts for designs, and yet I feel like my kid's life is not getting recorded. Here is the answer! Their scrapbooks might be small, but this way they might actually get one!

Here's three that I threw together in about 30 minutes if that, and in the few minutes here and there the last couple of days as I've been playing with their Digital Layout 4x6 Templates and the zoom kits, I've already made 10 layouts! Yipee. I can send them off to be printed cheap and fast. They can look at their own little brag books. At the end of the year I have plenty of ones to choose from for the grandparents. I'm telling you. You just can't get better than this!

10 mintues of creativity, with a finished product to show for it! Yeah! You'll have to go check them out in the boutique.

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